Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prior Restraint Coffeehouse Porter: The Results Are In

Prior Restraint came out as a very smooth, very drinkable Porter with mild coffee undertones. That wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Not that the beer is bad, I have been drinking it and enjoying the hell out of it. It's just not exactly the flavor profile I was hoping for.

However, I believe I mentioned the 5 experimental bottles with chilled coffee added to them in secondary fermentation. Those came out more along the lines of what I was looking for. It tastes just like a cup of coffee. When I return to this beer later, I will probably replace the smoked malt with something more... creamy? Maybe keep the smoked malt and add the coffee and some lactose sugars? Needs work, but I'm very encouraged by my first big batch of beer.

I've given some bottles away to friends and family, and I'm just waiting to hear some feedback.

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